Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sinful taste of Apple

(Image copyright apple inc)

I have been waiting for somebody to actually say that!

I am surprised to hear what has been done by operator in India. When iphone was launched in Us (at $399), it was available (offcourse without warranty) at a cost of 18K in India.

Now when apple as actually got the cost down, It is now priced at 31K (around $800) in India.

I am not sure if somebody will actually buy this product, I will not! There are few good reason for that:
1. I am satisfied with my Sony-Erickson p1i.
2. 2 Megapix camera? I had that 2 year ago, not anymore!
3. A 3g phone without 3g network, doesn't excite me any more! I have been having a 3 g phone from last 4 year now, without 3g network offcourse.
4. I will have to send the mobile phone to apple to get its battery remove. Very funny.
5. Few of my friend who had iphone has complaint of network related issue. The phone will go offline without warning. That is as bad as it could get.
6. 36K for a item Valued 8K outside India with make me feel like an idiot.
7. It does not have flash light which is basic requirement for night shot.

anyway I have my reasons, however if you feel nirvana lies in buying iphone, please go ahead!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The great chinese wall

The great chinese wall may have lost its relevance today. However china has been able to create a brand new wall, this time in business world. Pictured here is pomegranate from india (upper left, green) and chinese variant (below it). Indian are priced at 100, while chinese are priced at 60. Shrink wrapped, low priced and varities does create a great value for money for competitors. With chinese items flooding market, china wall is becoming stronger, it is also being extende to all direction.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The last of the tibetian

Momos, a dish more popular then samosas in delhi, is a tibetian dish. Soon when china will be done with momos will be known as chinese dish.

Sorojini nagar market

In day time it is pretty easy to find your way. In night the story is pretty different. I have noticed the crowd has increase many fold. Sorojini nagar is a well known destination for middle class indian. I wonder is this the imapct of economic growth or price inflation.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Light at the end of darkness

Finally we had a great meeting. After quite along time we found a willing partner. Wipro team ask relevant questions and were well prepa

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Very hilly here

On our way to pune. The mumbai pune highway is quite a magnificent drive.

Sleeping beauty

Gurumukh and Nimesh take a nap while we travel to Pune. Early morning flight are always troubling. Let us see what we can achieve on today meeting.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Freezed in time.

Jeejaji, the first and the best jeejaji i am known to. I got my whole supply of glass balls kite threads from him. Though at 58 he still is young as 30, and still talk the same way.

There goes the dieting

All that dieting, all that effort to loose those extra kilos, all gone waste in a single sightof chole bhatura. Alas how week is human soul, how futile is his determination.


So many shops, so many shoes but none lives up to her expection. I always about the difference between the one she chosen and one she left.


Beautiful bangles at display in Aswera. Retail business has impact bangle prices like anything. They still are most beautiful jewellery.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Apple iphone

With no keyboard, and almost no button iphone looks difficult to use. But believe me it much easier to use than my p1i. Pictured here gagan's iphone.

Product roadmap meeting. 2

It is now getting really painfull now.

Product roadmap meeting.

Valuefirst product roadmap meeting as on 1st april.